Rumsan Associates is more than just a software company. We specialize in various business sectors to solve problems using technology. Our creative experts study your business needs and design and develop applications tailored to your IT needs. We offer an effective solution to help you increase productivity in your organization.

Specialized Solutions

Know Your Customer (KYC) Software

Money laundering is one of the biggest challenges that financial institutions are facing in modern times. We provide off-the-shelf and custom KYC solutions to businesses to make them compliant to complex global regulatory requirements and to help reduce the time and effort needed to undertake due diligence checks.. We are experts in various phases of KYC process like client onboarding, due diligence, client monitoring, transaction monitoring and periodic review. Our KYC solution provides organizations with a dynamic platform to ensure complete regulatory compliance while improving customer service levels.

Project Management Solution

There is no single project management solution that works for everyone. Every organization is different and have different ways to manage projects- we understand that. Rumsan has developed a very flexible project management framework with popular project management attributes, using the expertise from experienced project managers. We provide our clients with the opportunity to customize this framework to cater to their own version of project management solutions. This provides a huge time and cost savings advantage.

People & Resource Management Solution

At Rumsan, we believe that any organization is a summation of its people and resources that are brought together by a powerful vision. Wasting the utilities of these components would mean losing the value of the company. Managing people and resources efficiently increases workforce productivity and thus helping the business succeed. We build custom people management applications that will enable your organization to efficiently manage human resources, resources booking, single sign on,  cost center management, time tracking and inventory management.

Software Engineering

Case Management Application Development

Case management applications are rapidly developed to manage cases like alerts, client research and inquiries. The power of these tools relies on quick development and implementation to manage specific types of cases. This application can be used tactically or strategically based on organization need.

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

As billions of people embrace the smartphone and other mobile devices, mobile application is turning into a must have tool in an organization’s toolbox. Rumsan can help your organization to organically embrace the mobile technology. Our solutions work on all popular mobile platform – iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry, so that your organization do not have to develop custom application for each platform.

Process Automation using Custom Tailored Applications

One of the most cost saving strategy in any organization is automating its business process wherever it can. Rumsan professionals study your current business process and provides recommendation on the best possible software solution. We work with your business personnel to tailor applications specifically based on the needs. These application not only save time, but also reduces inaccuracies and wastage efforts.


Blockchain technology is an incorruptible decentralized public digital ledger. The technology solves the problem of corruption. The blockchain could be the new Web 3.0 with countless business application – smart contracts, sharing economy, crowdfunding, governance, supply chain auditing, file storage, intellectual property protection, internet of things, identity management, AML, KYC, land title registration and many more. If you are interested in working with us, contact us.